On June 24th, 2016, we started Meraki Coffee Company with certain goals in mind. Our big three goals were to serve amazing coffee, for customer service to go above and beyond, and the hopes and dreams of doing all this within a brick and mortar in the neighborhood of the South Wedge of Rochester, NY. We truly believe that we reached and exceeded those first two goals, and we always had that brick and mortar dream in the back of our minds. Always thinking and envisioning the cafe, the customers coming in, ordering great drinks and eats, and staying for a while to soak up the atmosphere. Every time I saw a storefront, my mind raced with the thought of Meraki maybe having a home there.


It is with heavy hearts, mixed emotions, but also a knowledge that this is the right move that we share this news. The dream of a brick and mortar, a final home for Meraki Coffee Company, is put on hold for now.


In November 2017, our family of three took a trip to Asia. It was while we were there scouting out Asia, experiencing the culture, the food, the people, the coffee folks, we believe that Jesus started to call us to live there.


In all honesty, while I was in Asia, I saw our family living there. But once I came back to the States and kept working and seeing Meraki grow, I didn't want to uproot our family and move across the world. I personally wanted to stay in Rochester to build Meraki Coffee Company up more and to stay in my comfort zone near my family and friends and this amazing city and coffee culture that is being cultivated.


Over time, prayer, and seeking wisdom, Jesus made it clear that He has called us to live in Asia.


Now I know that this may bring up questions, thoughts, possibly some concerns. So let me try to clear them up as best as I possibly can.


We are tentatively moving to Asia in January of 2019. While this may seem like we have some time until then, we have a lot of work until we head over. With that being said, managing the business, preparing ourselves to go over, and raising a little girl and preparing for a little boy in September is something that has been a little too much for us currently. With that being said, we are preparing to shut down our regular pop-up hours inside of Cheesy Eddie's Bakery. Our last regular day of business will be on May 26th.


With two more full weeks left until then, I want to make it as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. I would love to make each and everyone of you one more coffee. This doesn't mean that this is the last time Meraki will ever serve coffee again. This just means that our normal business hours will diminish. But please keep a look out for our instagram and Facebook profiles for any potential events or pop-ups in the future. 


I hope that this email is helpful in understanding what is happening with the Baker family and with Meraki Coffee Company. As I said earlier, you may have some questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us. I would love to be able to answer questions that I have an answer to. Some questions may have an answer, some may not, and some may have a "we'll see". 


I can not begin to say how thankful I am for your support. You have been a part of what makes me keep going. You help me love my business and coffee on a daily basis. I truly hope I get to serve you one more coffee.




Ryan Baker