About Meraki

Meraki is a pop up coffee company based in Rochester, NY serving espresso, pour over, and cold brew drinks.

Our goal is to influence the expanding coffee scene in Rochester as well as Upstate NY. Our goal is to reach areas unfamiliar with specialty coffee in neighborhoods and towns lacking specialty coffee. 

Meraki is also available to offer it's coffee services in any social gathering, please see events for details


Meraki Schedule


Tuesday: 8-5

Wednesday: 8-5

Thursday: 8-5

Friday: 8-5

Saturday: 9-4


Meraki is solely popping up at Cheesy Eddie's Bakery (602 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620) in the fine neighborhood of the South Wedge. We're very excited about this collaboration with two quality businesses.

Keep an eye out for when we'll be at Cheesy Eddie's as well as other locations soon.



We have been having a little fun and playing with new roasters on a 2-3 month rotation. Currently available is Onyx Coffee Lab from Arkansas  and Copper Horse Coffee in Ithaca, NY


We take a lot of pride in our set up. For the physical bar, we sourced wood from a torn down barn from the owners Grandparents. Equipment wise, we use the best on the market for a Pop-up Espresso Model, using the La Marzocco GS3 AV to brew espresso and Mahlkonig K30 Air for our espresso grinder.

Meraki Steam.jpg
Meraki Parlor.jpg
Meraki Side.jpg
Photos done by Lily Kweon


We love to party, invite us and we just might make coffee for you.


We are able to offer a unique coffee offering at any type of event.


Please leave as much detail as possible of event regarding details such as:

Estimated amount of people, cash bar or paid bar, date of event and time, coffee bar preferences

(espresso, pour over, batch brewed coffee, combination of some or all options)

and any other information to best help us throw and awesome party

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Best guess as to how many people will be in attendance for the event.
What kind of coffee would you like to have served at the event?